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Wuhai comes from the ancient with the halo of "God of Sun".




Wuhai is a young city with 60 years of coal mining history.




Wuhai, where is surrounded by three deserts, is developing tenaciously like "Sihemu(Tetraena mongolica Maxim)" with hard works of generations.




Wuhai is appreciated by mother river (Yellow River) with the lake and dam.






A lake makes a city alive. Wuhai is the oasis in the desert, the new town with water.




Vast Wuhai Lake is beautiful with water and sand intersected, sand and islands linked, mountain and water depended on and city and water accompanied. The city in northwest China is elegant like Jiangnan with fishes swimming, birds circling and boats sailing.




It is a combination of river, desert, lake, wetland, mountain and meadow; it owns the sea in desert, the famous desert wine brand and honorable titles of "Chinese Calligraphy Town", "Chinese Stone Admiring Town" and "Charming Town of China".








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In memory of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up policy and the 10the anniversary of the naming of "Chinese Calligraphy City·Wuhai", The 10th Yellow River Pearl · China Wuhai Calligraphy Art Festival will be held combined with series activities of Chinese calligraphy creation criticizing exhibition to improve the brand influence of Wuhai as a calligraphy city.


The festival will be held from September 15th to 17th, 2018; the opening ceremony will be held on September 16th.




At the same time from September 15th to 25th, Calligraphy Industrial Expo serious activities will be held in Wuhai International Expo Center (B1 of Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy Art Gallery).


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On August 30th, Ji Xiaoqing, Municipal Standing Committee and Propaganda Minister of Wuhai was invited by "China Recommendation" program to introduce Wuhai to the whole world. Meanwhile, she also recorded "One Minute of China" program to introduce the desert and wine of Wuhai.



Recording "China Recommendation"


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Attending conversazione


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Visiting rehearsal hall 


Themed on "creating warm Chinese stories", China Recommendation program aims at spreading the voice of China and narrating Chinese stories through differentiated means like new channel construction and oversea media cooperation.


The recorded video will be played on the following websites and media:

Xinhuanet, China Network,, Baidupedia,,, Sohu Video, QQLive, IQiyi, YOKU, Global Network,, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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In 2018, Wuhai Government will promote emphatically the construction of tourism projects, continuing to build main projects like Wuhai Courtyard, Alpine Meadow, as well as multiple attractions streets. The construction will promote the development of Wuhai tourism industry, creating Wuhai a tourism base integrating ecological sightseeing, cultural experience, outdoor sport and leisure resorts.









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Ulan Nur Desert Lantern Show: all kinds of lanterns are extraordinary and beautiful.






It is a feast of eyes.




On Feb 2nd, the lantern festival is open to the public.


2.13 乌海这地方人气爆棚1870.png


To be continued...

Please be patient and do not move your attention.

Ulan Nur Desert Lantern Show is a beautiful beginning of new year.

"Moon is out of round without lantern, Spring Festival is not happy without yangko"

So, there are mighty "lions" and bright "land boat"


2.13 乌海这地方人气爆棚2269.png


2.13 乌海这地方人气爆棚2271.png


Time: Feb 2nd - 16th 

Address: Shanshui Tianbian beach, Ulan Nur


Organizers: Uda District People's Government



1. No smoking and no climbing

Inflammables, explosives and other dangerous articles are not allowed in the show.


Source: Ulan Nur Tourism


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Bohaiwan District:

In recent years, with the tourism development idea of differentiation and complementation, a batch of featured attractions and scenic areas have been built in Haibowan District around Wuhai Lake and Gandeer Mountain, such as Menggenhua Hot Spring Water World. There are 6 newly increased national and autonomous administrative leisure agriculture attractions and 5 excellent tourist routes. Supporting system of tourism services have been more completed. Thus Haibowan District has been successfully listed in the first batch of demonstration areas of all-for-one tourism.


2.1 2018大动作!乌海要打造国家休闲旅游度假区、国家级全域旅游示范区… 1372.jpg


Wuhai Lake Leisure Resort Area:

Wuhai Lake refers to the peaceful water and area around the water covering an area of, which were formed after the establishment of Haibowan Key Water-control Project of Yellow River. It flows across Wuhai from south to north. With the rising of water level, water from Yellow River flowed into Ulan Buh Desert, forming hundreds of distinctive sand islands, showing a magnificent scenery involving sand, water and mountain. In December, 2017, Wuhai Lake Leisure Resort Area was rated as national 4A class tourist attraction.


2.1 2018大动作!乌海要打造国家休闲旅游度假区、国家级全域旅游示范区… 2093.jpg


Alpine Meadow:
The alpine meadow scenic area is located on the middle part of Gandeer Mountain. The west side is near to Around Wuhai Lake Ecological Tourism Area which is under planning, the north side is near to Mengyuan Cultural Area and the south side is next to Tetraena Mongolia Natural Reserve as well as One-line-sky scenic area.


2.1 2018大动作!乌海要打造国家休闲旅游度假区、国家级全域旅游示范区… 2504.jpg


The planned space structure consists of "multiple groups of one core, one area and one cycle". "One core" refers to the "Prairie of Proud Son of Heaven", core of the tourism area; "one area" refers to the Gate of Paradise, service area at the entrance; "one cycle" refers to the Sky Road of Rainbow, the colorful road system.


2.1 2018大动作!乌海要打造国家休闲旅游度假区、国家级全域旅游示范区… 2506.jpg


Wuhai Courtyard:

"Wuhai Courtyard" is located east to Wuhai Lake, west to the express way from Haibowan to Uda. Covering a site area of 22ha. and structure area of 25063.1sq.m, it  comprises Water and Grass Land Area, Existing Courtyards Area and Flower Field Area, covering "one axis, three areas and nine courtyards".





Now, "to see the sea in desert" has became the best reason for tourists to know about and get close to Wuhai. The booming tourist industry is becoming a powerful engine promoting economic and urban transition of Wuhai.


Source: Wuhai News


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In winter, Wuhai of Inner Mongolia has launched series winter tourism products combining local characteristics. Winter sports became popular, showing the characteristic of "half snow, half sand". The local influence and reputation of all-for-one tourism have been improved continuously.

In Golden Sand Bay scenic area of Wuhai, the golden sand dunes are rolling and magnificent, stretching to the horizon, embracing various ice and snow entertainment projects. Many tourists are attracted by the ice slide and skiing. Yuan Ping, a tourist from Sichuan, told the journalist that this was her first time to northern China, first time to see the wonderful scenery of real desert and snow combined together.

Besides snow and ice projects, tourists can also take some rest in the desert or experience the exciting desert tourism project. Introduced by the attraction leader of Golden Sand Bay, every year from mid December, the ski resort of here starts to be carried out. This year the snow creation area has reached nearly 50,000sq.m including one elementary ski run, one  intermediate ski run and four snow tubing tracks. The highest gradient reaches 10. Tourists can not only experience the excitement of skiing, but also admire the beautiful desert scenery when they ski down.

In winter, combined with location characteristics, Wuhai has launched series "snow and desert" theme winter tourism products. Many attractions organized traditional skiing and skating activities while they promoted the desert tourism. The whole city shows the new feature of "half snow and half desert". To guarantee the safety of tourists, local tourism administration requires all ice and snow project to be equipped with coaches and safety officers. Golden Sand Bay can accommodate 800 tourists to play at the same time. The tourists received quantity is about 2000.



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Editors are telling their experiences and feelings of compiling the books.



Total five books of the series



Books Donation Ceremony

On September 28th, after over two years' interviewing, writing and editing, the first set of culture tourism series of books of Wuhai was published. It becomes a new channel for the outside world to know about Wuhai and also change the history of Wuhai without any local tourism books.

It is understood that the series include total 5 book: Know about Wuhai, Memory of Wuhai, Delicacies of Wuhai, Attractions of Wuhai and Stories of Wuhai. Reader can find a panoramic explanation of Wuhai's history in the books, as well as the local cultures. Especially, cultural history and tourism resources of Wuhai are recorded fully and accurately. Thus, on content or quality, they are great books with historic significance, infotainment, interestingness and collection value.

Source: Yu Donghai from Inner Mongolia Client-side

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"Ride to the desert to see the sea" activity was successfully ended!

Attendees enjoyed a riding trip full of sweat and memory. First time to Wuhai, they left their laughs and ofo tracks in Golden Sand Bay desert, lakeside of Wuhai Lake, Longyouwan Wetland, Gandeer Mountain...

Who else also existed in the precious memory? What stories there were?


2017.11.14 骑到沙漠看海 2127.jpg


2017.11.14 骑到沙漠看海 2129.jpg


Before all the attendees, staffs of the activities had prepared all materials and supplies of the activity early; they also decorated the ofo bikes to wait for all the attendees. 


2017.11.14 骑到沙漠看海 2362.jpg


The day for airport pickup was unexpectedly warm. Once getting off the plane, attendees felt the enthusiasm of Wuhai people in deep autumn.


2017.11.14 骑到沙漠看海 2538.jpg


Besides special bikes, staffs also prepared exclusive souvenirs.

The climate change of Wuhai exceeded our expectations, but even the cold wind of desert can not stop their passion on riding and traveling.


2017.11.14 骑到沙漠看海 2818.jpg


2017.11.14 骑到沙漠看海 2820.jpg


2017.11.14 骑到沙漠看海 2822.jpg


On highway of the desert, sunset had taken away the warm of day time, but Jessica and Long Shao still kept on their work of UAV recording carefully.


2017.11.14 骑到沙漠看海 3017.jpg


Under the warm sunlight of noon, manager of Sunshine Tianyu chateau introduced everyone the specialty wine.

Besides local staffs, photographers did the most hard works.


2017.11.14 骑到沙漠看海 3240.jpg


Although the works were hard, it was worthy for everyone as long as they can enjoy the scenery of Wuhai Lake and Golden Sand Bay and taste some tender mutton from pasturing area.


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