• Enchanting "Desert Landscape"

    Wuhai comes from the ancient with the halo of "God of Sun".




    Wuhai is a young city with 60 years of coal mining history.




    Wuhai, where is surrounded by three deserts, is developing tenaciously like "Sihemu(Tetraena mongolica Maxim)" with hard works of generations.




    Wuhai is appreciated by mother river (Yellow River) with the lake and dam.






    A lake makes a city alive. Wuhai is the oasis in the desert, the new town with water.




    Vast Wuhai Lake is beautiful with water and sand intersected, sand and islands linked, mountain and water depended on and city and water accompanied. The city in northwest China is elegant like Jiangnan with fishes swimming, birds circling and boats sailing.




    It is a combination of river, desert, lake, wetland, mountain and meadow; it owns the sea in desert, the famous desert wine brand and honorable titles of "Chinese Calligraphy Town", "Chinese Stone Admiring Town" and "Charming Town of China".








  • The 10th Yellow River Pearl · China Wuhai Calligraphy Art Festival will be held in the middle of Sep

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    In memory of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up policy and the 10the anniversary of the naming of "Chinese Calligraphy City·Wuhai", The 10th Yellow River Pearl · China Wuhai Calligraphy Art Festival will be held combined with series activities of Chinese calligraphy creation criticizing exhibition to improve the brand influence of Wuhai as a calligraphy city.


    The festival will be held from September 15th to 17th, 2018; the opening ceremony will be held on September 16th.




    At the same time from September 15th to 25th, Calligraphy Industrial Expo serious activities will be held in Wuhai International Expo Center (B1 of Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy Art Gallery).


  • Introduction video of Wuhai will be updated on world famous websites and media.

    On August 30th, Ji Xiaoqing, Municipal Standing Committee and Propaganda Minister of Wuhai was invited by "China Recommendation" program to introduce Wuhai to the whole world. Meanwhile, she also recorded "One Minute of China" program to introduce the desert and wine of Wuhai.



    Recording "China Recommendation"


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    Attending conversazione


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    Visiting rehearsal hall 


    Themed on "creating warm Chinese stories", China Recommendation program aims at spreading the voice of China and narrating Chinese stories through differentiated means like new channel construction and oversea media cooperation.


    The recorded video will be played on the following websites and media:

    Xinhuanet, China Network, China.com, Baidupedia, hrtv.cn, people.com.cn, Sohu Video, QQLive, IQiyi, YOKU, Global Network, Zaobao.com, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


  • Wuhai will promote emphatically the construction of tourism projects in 2018.

    In 2018, Wuhai Government will promote emphatically the construction of tourism projects, continuing to build main projects like Wuhai Courtyard, Alpine Meadow, as well as multiple attractions streets. The construction will promote the development of Wuhai tourism industry, creating Wuhai a tourism base integrating ecological sightseeing, cultural experience, outdoor sport and leisure resorts.









  • Do you know this popular place of Wuhai?

    Ulan Nur Desert Lantern Show: all kinds of lanterns are extraordinary and beautiful.






    It is a feast of eyes.




    On Feb 2nd, the lantern festival is open to the public.


    2.13 乌海这地方人气爆棚1870.png


    To be continued...

    Please be patient and do not move your attention.

    Ulan Nur Desert Lantern Show is a beautiful beginning of new year.

    "Moon is out of round without lantern, Spring Festival is not happy without yangko"

    So, there are mighty "lions" and bright "land boat"


    2.13 乌海这地方人气爆棚2269.png


    2.13 乌海这地方人气爆棚2271.png


    Time: Feb 2nd - 16th 

    Address: Shanshui Tianbian beach, Ulan Nur


    Organizers: Uda District People's Government



    1. No smoking and no climbing

    Inflammables, explosives and other dangerous articles are not allowed in the show.


    Source: Ulan Nur Tourism


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