Prairie Pastoral Restaurant
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South Side of China Life, Renmin North Road, Haibowan District, Wuhai.
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Prairie Pastoral Restaurant is the founder of Mongolia style hot pot, the constitutor of the "delicate", "appetizing" and "nourishing" standards of Mongolia style hot pot. Prairie Pastoral Restaurant has developed multiple chain brands targeting different consumer groups, including "Prairie Pastoral Mongolia Impression·Hot Pot", "Love Seeking Barbecue and Hot Pot Buffet Restaurant" and "Love Seeking 258 Hot Pot Buffet Restaurant". In "Prairie Pastoral Mongolia Impression·Hot Pot", guests can experience the historical and legendary national culture of Mongolia while tasting authentic national food. The quintessence of "delicate", "appetizing" and "nourishing" Mongolia style hot pot is blended in the unique and original "Three Taste Pot" here, making the restaurant a ideal place for dinner parties of family and friends.