Wuhai Lake Leisure Holiday Tourist Area
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Best season to visit :
May - September
Address :
No.1 Wharf of Wuhai Lake Scenic Area (500m south to Mongolian Furniture Museum, Binhe District, Wuha
Business hours :
May and October: 08:30—18:00; June and September: 08:30—19:00; July and August: 08:30—20:00
As a part of Yellow River, Wuhai Lake Leisure Holiday Tourist Area is located in Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia. After Haibowan Key Water Control Project was completed, water was retained at the end of December, 2013 to form Wuhai Lake. It is an artificial lake covering an area of, 18.5 times larger than West Lake of Hangzhou and 2.6 times larger than Shahu Lake of Ningxia. It is located between Haibowan District and Uda District, Wuhai, thus, it was named after Wuhai. Wuhai Lake is located in the core position of the scenic area, surrounded by the dam of the Key Water Control Project in the north, Ulan Buh Desert in the west, the upper river course of Yellow River in Wuhai in the south and riverside landscape belt of Wuhai in the east; with the Gandeer Mountain located in the distance, glassy calm lake is just integrated with the surrounding abundant landscapes.