Wuhai People Park
Reference price :
For free
Best season to visit :
Janurary - December
Address :
Yellow River Street, Haibowan District.
Business hours :
All day
6546 plants of various trees have been planted in Wuhai People's Park, covering a green area of 56,000sq.m; over 1000 plants of Chinese junipers, ailanthus and poplars have been transplanted in Caocheng District protection forest, Nanhe, completing a green area of 210,000sq.m. The park is an excellent place to people to enjoy a leisure time and have an outing in spring. In 1981, the former nursery garden started to be reconstructed and was named as Wuhai People's Park; From 1983-1985, large scale landscapes were built in the park including South Lake, Yudai Bridge, artificial hills, Peony Pavilion and zoo, etc; In 2000, "demolishing walls to return green to people" project was carried out in the park, then the park was open to public for free; From 2013-2014, the second large scale reconstruction was carried out in the park.