Hansen Manor
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East side of Jichang Road, Haibowan District, Wuhai.
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With the connotation of wine culture, Hansen Manor·International Club develops its own style in northwest region of China. Hansen Group established Hansen Manor·International Club integrating functions of accommodation, catering and conference to meet the requirements of local upper class of Wuhai. It is the new beginning of the high-end luxury club of Wuhai. The club is located on east side of Jichang Road, Mengxi District, Wuhai, covering an floorage of 12,000 sq.m. It is a European style architecture with such charming exterior style formed by arch bridge, stream and elegant landscapes and interior style formed by quiet and tasteful lager cellar and resplendent and magnificent modern four-star chateau club. Around the chateau, there are Hansen Grape Planting Base integrated with functions of industrial tourism, ecological sightseeing, wine tasting and business events.The club is divided into total five floors. The basement of the club is Hansen wine cellar where guests can see various kinds of wine collection or to to the factory to visit modern brewing technique. In wine-tasting hall, guests can taste wines and experience the culture, etiquette, knowledge and appreciation of the wine. On catering, Hansen Manor is the first place of Wuhai to launch state banquet dishes, the Hansen Feast integrated with high-end state banquet dishes, classic dishes of south region of China, traditional classic Xizuo Dishes and local snacks of Inner Mongolia.