Gandeer Mountain Ecological Scenic Area The planning area of Gandeer Mountain Ecological Scenic Area is east to 50m of Haila second level transporting central line, west to 1078 water line of Yellow River, south to Gandeer Cemetery and north to 6.3km of Nanhe River channel(Kabuqi Channel) of Haibowan District. The area is 8.7km long from south to north and the planning core area of it is east to Baotou-Lanzhou Railway including the west mountain area of Gandeer Mountain. It is located in central area of three districts of Wuhai and a statue of Genghis Khan is constructed on top of Gandeer Mountain which is the landmark mountain of Wuhai with an elevation of over 1805m. Integrated with various resources of the scenic area, the well protected unique morphological landscape of Gandeer Mountain will be combined with to-be built Yellow River reservoir area to form a whole tourism landscape with certain attraction. The development of Gandeer Mountain Scenic Area can integrate multiple tourism resources of Wuhai into a whole tourism product; main carriers of mountain, water, ecology, dessert and dam will be integrated to be a whole tourism project; ecological construction will combined with tourism developing construction to form an ecological tourism zone with large scale recreation area and leisure tourism area. Then Gandeer Mountain Tourism Area will be developed to be a comprehensive tourism product with resource carries of mountain, Yellow River, ecology, leisure and rare plants.