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Wuhai Wanda Plaza
Address :
No.40 Renmin South Road, Haibowan District, Wuhai, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
Business hours:
Taking the bustling Renmin Road as the principal axis, Wuhai Wanda Plaza is located on intersection of Renmin Road and Xinhua Street, the southeast area of the main business center of Wuhai. Here is the primary commercial zone of Wuhai and the plaza is oriented to be an urban style comprehensive shopping center of fashion and life. It covers an area of 14.43ha and total floorage of 710,600sq.m; the shopping center covers the floorage of 154,400sq.m with total 2450 parking spaces. Orientation of 1F: Fashion Trend. There are total 48 brands on 1F in which clothing accounts for 58%, boutique accounts for 32% and catering accounts for 10%. Orientation of 2F: Perfect Experience of Taste and Style. There are 47 brands on 2F in which clothing accounts for 39%, boutique accounts for 57% and catering accounts for 4%. Orientation of 3F: Collections of Cate with total 44 brands. Primary and secondary brands: ULIFE STYLE (1958.94㎡), Decathlon (2406.12㎡), La Chapelle (1369.19㎡), Kids Place (1986.45㎡), Gome (2386.56㎡), Top Sports (1537.34㎡), King Sport (2899.20㎡), Super Player (1823.28㎡), Huatuo Education (3220.67㎡) and Little Lamb (1307.22㎡).