Wuhai is planned to be an “ecological oasis type industrial city”.

Streets and public places have been brightened, Century Avenue Overpass has been started constructing, Gandeer Mountain tourist roads have been under construction, streets and lanes have been well managed and the urban functions are being perfected. People are finding in surprise that the city is changing day by day with more and more wide streets and modern buildings.

Only with concentrated attention, our city can be well built and managed to show extraordinary talents.

Urban construction, plannings go first. Three times adjustments have been completed of “Overall Planning of Wuhai City”. The planning puts forward the city layout with “one center (Haibowan District) and two sub-centers (Uda District and Hainan District)” and confirms the featured orientation of “ecological oasis type industrial city” as well as the developing direction, function division and layout of land use.

The planning aimed to concentrate population in built up area, industry in development area, agriculture in high efficient parks and city close to Yellow River. According to the planning target, urban plannings and designs of multiple important sections and regions were issued in succession like shantytowns transformation project, the second and third phase projects of Binhe New Area, developing construction of Binhe West Area, Yellow River key water-control project and Gandeer Mountain ecological scenic area, etc.

The development of an enterprises depends on operation, so as a city. To realize the target of building the “ecological oasis type” city, we have to operate and build it with open and innovative ideas.

Every year, a batch of key projects would be confirmed. This year, eight new construction or renovation projects will be started with investment of RMB¥35.4 million such as Gandeer Mountain tourist roads. These projects will further perfect the urban functions and improve urban environment.

Gandeer Mountain tourist roads: First phase project will complete 2.6km roads with planning investment of RMB¥15 million. The mountain blasting work has been done and road surface finishing work has been half completed.

Haibei East Street: the street is 1171m long with planning investment of RMB¥6 million. Motorway has been completed and the side pavement is under construction.

Shicheng West Street: the street is 758m long with planing investment of RMB¥4 million. Basement laying has been completed and the concrete surface layer is under construction.

Construction Road: the road is 700m long with planning investment of RMB¥2.2 million. The project is now inviting tenders.

Road of Dongshan Mountain Ecological Forest: the road is total 385m long with planning investment of RMB¥400,000. It has been completed.

Century Avenue Overpass: tender work has been done and the project is under construction with bidding price of RMB¥14.85 million.

Huanghe West Street: the street is 560m long with planning investment of RMB¥2 million. Basement laying has been completed and the concrete surface layer is under construction.

Top facing of Haibei Overpass: the overpass is 626m long with planning investment of RMB¥800,000. The surface course is under construction.

This year, RMB¥11.65 million investment is increased of unplanned projects including Heping West Street, Qingnian Road and Donghuan Road, etc. Now, the basement layer of Heping West Street has been done; Qingnian Road is mainly completed.

Wuhai is surrounded by three mountains and ran through by Yellow River. Desert, Yellow River, mountains, gardens, wetlands, grass land and city are together showing a magnificent and beautiful scene of north.

Between Gandeer Mountain and Yellow River, there are natural and human landscapes like sand wave, grass land, gardens, villages, Binhe New Area, Baidugui Ecological Park, Yellow River tourism area, Yellow River key water-control project, Haibowan District and the Jinhai Temple (Puzhao Temple, Guanyin Temple, Xinghai Temple) of Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism, which will soon be built.

The planing and design of Gandeer Mountain Scenic Area was entrusted by Fujian Institute of Architectural Design and Research. The “Overall Planning” had been reviewed and approved by Inner Mongolia Tourism Administration and the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

Gandeer Mountain Scenic Area is aimed to protect the unique landscape and physiognomy of Gandeer Mountain. All kinds of resources of the mountain will be integrated to build a comprehensive ecological area with historical culture, urban construction culture and natural landscape. According to planning, there will be “one core, three axes and five areas” in the scenic area.“One core” refers to the landscape core of Genghis Khan statue. “Three axes”: on historical culture axis, there are west gate, oboo, Sun God Square and Genghis Khan statue; on religions culture axis, there are Guanyin Temple, Xinghai Temple, Gandeer Templ and Puzhao Temple; on urban construction culture axis, there are Shusen Square, Liming Pavilion, Hainuobu Pavilion, construction memorial tower and Genghis Khan statue. “Five areas” refer to mountain sightseeing area, Tetraena mongolia ecological area in desert on east, desert steppe ecological area on west, Binhe urban construction area and Yellow River landscape area. The planning also includes sub-plannings of traffic, water landscape, green energy and some key scenic spots like west gate, oboo, Sun God Square, Genghis Khan statue, construction memorial tower, Hainuobu Pavilion and four main temples.

Technical proposal Yellow River Haibowan key water-control project already passed the review of NDRC into the feasibility phase. It is a multiple-purpose project integrated functions of ice prevention, power generation and flood protection, etc.

After completion, the water level of Yellow River will be increased with 12-14 meters and an over 100sq.km water surface of reservoir area will be formed. Local climatic environment will be effectively improved and the ice prevention and anti-disaster ability of Yellow River will also be enhanced. At that time, the water power resources can be fully used to meet the demands of industry and agriculture development and living power utility. Moreover, it will help governing Ulan Bub desert, increasing wetland area, prevent migration of desert, dune-fixating forestation and improve eco-environment.

On the east side of Gandeer Mountain, there is Tetraena mongolia protection zone, a kind of world rare species. All these advantaged natural landscape and resources provide convenient conditions on building a ecological civilization scenic area.

Many key projects will start constructing to accelerate the development of “ecological oasis type” city.

Some people say that Wuhai is becoming more strange and kind, which is just the charm of this young city. The fast and huge changes are impacting the traditional memory of local people. We will know this city better than before that every change here is creating new life for people.