The first cultural tourism series of books of Wuhai was published.


Editors are telling their experiences and feelings of compiling the books.



Total five books of the series



Books Donation Ceremony

On September 28th, after over two years' interviewing, writing and editing, the first set of culture tourism series of books of Wuhai was published. It becomes a new channel for the outside world to know about Wuhai and also change the history of Wuhai without any local tourism books.

It is understood that the series include total 5 book: Know about Wuhai, Memory of Wuhai, Delicacies of Wuhai, Attractions of Wuhai and Stories of Wuhai. Reader can find a panoramic explanation of Wuhai's history in the books, as well as the local cultures. Especially, cultural history and tourism resources of Wuhai are recorded fully and accurately. Thus, on content or quality, they are great books with historic significance, infotainment, interestingness and collection value.

Source: Yu Donghai from Inner Mongolia Client-side