Winter Tourism of Wuhai: "Half Snow, Half Sand"

In winter, Wuhai of Inner Mongolia has launched series winter tourism products combining local characteristics. Winter sports became popular, showing the characteristic of "half snow, half sand". The local influence and reputation of all-for-one tourism have been improved continuously.

In Golden Sand Bay scenic area of Wuhai, the golden sand dunes are rolling and magnificent, stretching to the horizon, embracing various ice and snow entertainment projects. Many tourists are attracted by the ice slide and skiing. Yuan Ping, a tourist from Sichuan, told the journalist that this was her first time to northern China, first time to see the wonderful scenery of real desert and snow combined together.

Besides snow and ice projects, tourists can also take some rest in the desert or experience the exciting desert tourism project. Introduced by the attraction leader of Golden Sand Bay, every year from mid December, the ski resort of here starts to be carried out. This year the snow creation area has reached nearly 50,000sq.m including one elementary ski run, one  intermediate ski run and four snow tubing tracks. The highest gradient reaches 10. Tourists can not only experience the excitement of skiing, but also admire the beautiful desert scenery when they ski down.

In winter, combined with location characteristics, Wuhai has launched series "snow and desert" theme winter tourism products. Many attractions organized traditional skiing and skating activities while they promoted the desert tourism. The whole city shows the new feature of "half snow and half desert". To guarantee the safety of tourists, local tourism administration requires all ice and snow project to be equipped with coaches and safety officers. Golden Sand Bay can accommodate 800 tourists to play at the same time. The tourists received quantity is about 2000.