2018, Wuhai will create national leisure resort area and demonstration area of all-for-one tourism

Bohaiwan District:

In recent years, with the tourism development idea of differentiation and complementation, a batch of featured attractions and scenic areas have been built in Haibowan District around Wuhai Lake and Gandeer Mountain, such as Menggenhua Hot Spring Water World. There are 6 newly increased national and autonomous administrative leisure agriculture attractions and 5 excellent tourist routes. Supporting system of tourism services have been more completed. Thus Haibowan District has been successfully listed in the first batch of demonstration areas of all-for-one tourism.


2.1 2018大动作!乌海要打造国家休闲旅游度假区、国家级全域旅游示范区… 1372.jpg


Wuhai Lake Leisure Resort Area:

Wuhai Lake refers to the peaceful water and area around the water covering an area of 118sq.km, which were formed after the establishment of Haibowan Key Water-control Project of Yellow River. It flows across Wuhai from south to north. With the rising of water level, water from Yellow River flowed into Ulan Buh Desert, forming hundreds of distinctive sand islands, showing a magnificent scenery involving sand, water and mountain. In December, 2017, Wuhai Lake Leisure Resort Area was rated as national 4A class tourist attraction.


2.1 2018大动作!乌海要打造国家休闲旅游度假区、国家级全域旅游示范区… 2093.jpg


Alpine Meadow:
The alpine meadow scenic area is located on the middle part of Gandeer Mountain. The west side is near to Around Wuhai Lake Ecological Tourism Area which is under planning, the north side is near to Mengyuan Cultural Area and the south side is next to Tetraena Mongolia Natural Reserve as well as One-line-sky scenic area.


2.1 2018大动作!乌海要打造国家休闲旅游度假区、国家级全域旅游示范区… 2504.jpg


The planned space structure consists of "multiple groups of one core, one area and one cycle". "One core" refers to the "Prairie of Proud Son of Heaven", core of the tourism area; "one area" refers to the Gate of Paradise, service area at the entrance; "one cycle" refers to the Sky Road of Rainbow, the colorful road system.


2.1 2018大动作!乌海要打造国家休闲旅游度假区、国家级全域旅游示范区… 2506.jpg


Wuhai Courtyard:

"Wuhai Courtyard" is located east to Wuhai Lake, west to the express way from Haibowan to Uda. Covering a site area of 22ha. and structure area of 25063.1sq.m, it  comprises Water and Grass Land Area, Existing Courtyards Area and Flower Field Area, covering "one axis, three areas and nine courtyards".





Now, "to see the sea in desert" has became the best reason for tourists to know about and get close to Wuhai. The booming tourist industry is becoming a powerful engine promoting economic and urban transition of Wuhai.


Source: Wuhai News